Social Media Marketing

Be where your consumers are: in social media 

Social media can be overwhelming for businesses. We are here to help you develop a strong social media presence, reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Being consistent is essential to growing your audience and boosting your engagement.

Start with a Plan - Your Visual Voice

Having a plan for social media is crucial since these platforms are free and easy to use, it is tempting to start posting pictures without a goal. Dawood Media, LLC will develop a plan to ensure your marketing and social media efforts support targeted business goals.  

Together we will set social media goals that are measurable, relevant, and timely. We will also decide which social media platforms are right for your business, find inspiration, and help set up your platforms accounts in the correct way.

Content Creation & Social Media Management Plan

Dawood Media will develop your brand’s visual voice on social media and across all your marketing platforms. Creating consistency of your brand’s image through logos, a color palette, and fonts are all crucial elements of a strong brand image. Creating content that is consistent with your brand’s visual voice helps create recognition. Branding extends beyond creating a logo or slogan. It should be embodied in every image you post on social media so your brand is unique and an easily recognizable one. One that makes you stand out in a crowded news feed!


We want to set you up for success with tools and guidance to help you independently manage and curate your own social media content.  Leveraging the right tools, such as a content editorial calendar, will make it much easier to be independent and confident in your social media marketing plan.